First steps to getting a mortgage?

We often hear people ask us – ‘what’s the first steps to getting a mortgage’?

Ok so before you start to look at houses you need to know 3 things:
• How much can I borrow?
• How much will it cost (upfront and ongoing costs)?
• Will I be approved for a mortgage?

We have built our process around these 3 questions as its what every first time/next time buyer asks us. We look after everything, from speaking to estate agent and placing your bid, to arranging your Solicitor, speaking to builder (if new build) and most important we keep you informed throughout the entire process, from finding your perfect home to getting the keys and moving in. Even then, we are still here for you to answer any questions or concerns and we will be back in touch with you with your mortgage deal is due to expire to ensure your next rate is just as good as your first rate.

We also advise and assist you with putting correct protection plans in place to ensure that, in event of death, illness or accident, you will always be able to afford to stay in your home, pay your bills and maintain your lifestyle.

We will advise and assist you with the most comprehensive insurance for your home and contents and ensure you understand why you need this cover and what to do should you need to make a claim.