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For most of us our mortgage is our biggest monthly outgoing, so it makes sense to check if you can make any savings.  We can shop around for you and let you know if there are lower rates you can switch to.  Sometimes, in addition to reducing your mortgage rate you may also want to reduce the term on your mortgage, make home improvements or raise funds for deposit for another property.

We can look after everything and the process will take around 4-6 weeks.

Common questions when Remortgaging

Can I borrow extra money on my mortgage for home improvements or consolidating debts?

Yes, assuming you have enough equity (the amount left when you take your mortgage debt from the current value) and your credit is good, you can borrow additional money for any purpose (except business).

Can I stay with my current Lender if I want to move house?

Yes, if the Lender allows you to move your mortgage to a new property (known as ‘porting’ your mortgage) and assuming good credit and sufficient income if you need to borrow more money for the new house.

Should I try to reduce the terms of years left on my mortgage?

If you can afford to reduce your term, its always a good idea to do so. You will pay less interest and have your mortgage paid off quicker.

What others say

5 star service from Assumpta, she is so pleasant and professional, nothing is too much bother! Would not find better! She is prompt and honest. Highly recommend!!! Thanks ABA xxx

Assumpta was always available to talk. Offered great support and have already recommend her services to other family members. Made the whole process very smooth and offered good advice and guidance. Happy with the mortgage offer that was secured.

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