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First Time Buyers

First Time Buyers or looking for a second home? We can help you make your dreams come true!


We can shop around for you and let you know if there are lower rates you can switch to..

How we work for you

We make the journey from finding a house you love, to getting the keys, as easy as possible.

Our approach is a down to earth, in-depth and friendly service. We go the extra mile to make sure you get the best solution possible.

With a lifetime of mortgage experience the team at Assumpta Breslin Associates will work diligently with you to find your perfect property, mortgage and income protection.

Our Process

What You Do First:

  1. Complete our mortgage enquiry form
  2. Provide proof of income bank statements, proof of deposit and ID

What We Do

  1. We confirm how much you can borrow and approximate cost of mortgage and price range of properties you can realistically target
  2. We carry out research and present most competitive mortgage rate and Lender suitable for you
  3. We obtain a pre approval for you and provide you with a Mortgage Pre approval Certificate

What Happens Next

  1. You find a property that you want to bid on (we also negotiate with estate agent to get you best price)
  2. Once you are agreed sale you will be asked for your Solicitors details (We can recommend a local reliable Solicitor for you)
  3. We agree a short meeting with you to complete your mortgage application, look at options for protecting your mortgage and your income and also look at quotes for home insurance (buildings & contents) for your new home.

Final Steps

  • Lender instructs valuation (we will get you a free valuation)
  • Valuer report back to Lender (and assuming no issues)
  • Lender produces Mortgage Offer
  • Copy of Offer sent to Solicitor, Copy to you and Copy to us
  • We arrange a final short meeting to go over Offer in detail, your protection policies and your Home Insurance

Solicitors Bit

  • Once Solicitor receives your Mortgage Offer they will request Title Deeds for your new home, carry out online searches to check all ok with ownership, title etc and request documents from sellers Solicitor.
  • That will take about 3-4 weeks and then Solicitor will arrange a meeting with you to go over the Contact in detail and have you sign, discuss handover of deposit, and agree a moving in date.
  • Then on moving in date (completion date) you get your keys!

We’re Here for You

Call us or get in touch by email phone or messenger and we will set up an appointment for you. Our mission is to make the journey from finding a house you love to getting the keys as easy as possible, walking you through the process, dealing with all paperwork relating to mortgage, liaising with estate agents and recommending local solicitors we trust.

We will also help you on the house buying journey, providing regular updates and dealing with any issues that may arise in an efficient and professional manner, keeping YOU our client at centre of the process.

Other Services We Provide

We have a range of solutions to make sure you are protected

Ensuring you are covered in the event of becoming seriously ill

Equity Release

Release cash from your home without having to move

Above 90% of our clients get a mortgage first time

If you are starting to think about your first time mortgage, contact us to see how we can help. Even if you think you can’t get a mortgage, we can help!